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Hermann Füller

High Quality Production Systems for Optical, Technical and Crystal Glasses






Our motivation ...

Füller Glastechnologie has been developing innovative production systems for crystal glasses and high-precision manufacturing systems for technical and optical glassware. Highly flexible production systems and smart combi-systems are a special feature of our product range.

Our top priority is to set highest quality standards and to provide highly flexible production conditions. Well-established technology-components in combination with excellent support guarantee secure investment . Our production systems are close to practice, close to users and close to the future and they reflect 30 years of experience in glass manufacturing.

Our production systems and fully automatic production lines have been subject to a process of further development � a development which has always been one step ahead of state-of-the-art technology:
Füller Glastechnolgie stands for a reliable and competent partner and for advanced technology.

... is our goal:


The intense interlinking of development and application is a characteristic of our technology. In 30 years of co-operation with leading glass producers world-wide, we have continuously gained valuable competence. This longterm experience is reflected in numerous firmly established solutions and mature technologies � and a product range which includes advanced solutions in all glass manufacturing modes available.

Our ambition is to achieve highest precision in manufacturing glass by providing supreme technology � while focussing equally on unrestrictedly user-friendly application. These principles have accompanied the development of our technology concepts. As a result, our solutions are essentially application-oriented � with regard to the production systems as well as to the MMC-software, which provides a common software programme for all production systems. The most advanced technology in combination with our comprehensive knowledge of the manufacture of glass are a benefit for any user � and they are an important feature of our production systems: We know that visions need to be based on competent experience.

...is based on experience:
Füller Glastechnologie
provides firmly
established and mature


Our supreme goal is to solve problems in manufacturing glass in an economically sound way. We offer expert counselling and personal support in any technical concern on the basis of our experience in the industry and our technical know-how: from an early stage of the investment project all the way up to running production.

Successful co-operation is based on an intensive exchange. Sound technical solutions for ever new challenges that glass manufacturers are faced with are the result of information input from all people involved. Dialogue is the pre-condition for sharing experience and know-how. In focussed training sessions we make sure that the full potential of our production systems is efficiently exploited and we establish an extensive know-how transfer. On the basis of a solid co-operation as partners we define the latest state of art technology together with the users.

...is more than excellent service:
Progress requires partners.


Supreme glass quality is the result of optimised conditions in every production step. This makes tremendous demands on production systems: Highest quality glass is based technologically � and economically � sound solutions.

Advanced and user-friendly

We consider it essential for the development of our technology and our software to translate complex processes and interacting production parameters into uncomplicated and immediately understandable units. It is our explicit target to enable users to alter production parameters independently and to manufacture a wide range of glass items with job-change times reduced to a minimum. Highest glass quality, flexibility and extremely user-friendly applications are the features of advanced and smart production systems� and they are the pre-requisite for economy and efficiency.

Standardized and innovative

Every application is based on different conditions. Most advanced technology, our standardized components and innovative combinations have proven to be a solid basis for providing target-oriented production conditions. Flexible units and uncomplicated adjustments allow us to create successful and cost-saving solutions to meet individual requirements: Smart production systems don�t stand our for high investment costs but for high functionality.

Target-oriented and service-friendly

One tool, one function: Modular components are the basis for target-oriented adjustments and systematic technological progress. Our standardized quickchange systems for all modular components make sure that job-change times are reduced to a minimum. Since problems can be easily located, all systems are highly service-friendly. And while operation time is extended, construction and realisation spans are reduced: we consider short delivery times to be a feature of excellent service.

...at all costs?
Excellence means technological and economical efficiency.


We consider it our task to enable glass manufacturers to respond quickly to a wide range of design demands on the market and to supply to the market promptly. This ambition is reflected in our machine rogramme.

The principle, onto which our machine layout is based, is very simple: the basic equipment provides an optimised production cycle for each individual glass item. We have further pursued the development of the linear-system and the roundtable system along this line � each of them for its specific target output rate. While these systems provide a perfect infrastructure for glass manufacturing, the actual work is done by modular functional components � each of them focussing on one specific job. But this does, of course, not yet make a combi-system: only when the functions can be easily changed along with the modular components, do you have a smart combi-system, which allows you to switch production according to design requirements, special applications, production targets and quality requirements. Among the positive side-effects � besides design variety and optimised capacities � are:
no engineering costs and short delivery spans due to standarized components, reduced tool costs, job-change times reduced to a minimum and a lot of room for future developments.

Füller Glastechnologie production systems are highly flexible and allow a market-oriented production.

a feeder system, which allows low-speed feeding as well as high-speed feeding and which may also accommodate colouring cells
a blowing machine, which may be run on suck-and-blow and press-andblow operation and which hosts many other special functions
a pressing system, which can also be run on injecting, spinning and casting operation
a flame-processing unit, which may perform a wide range of differing functions, including fire-polishing, welding, burning off etc.

...has four targets
and one name:
Füller Glastechnologie
stands for